Our costs for grant of Probate or Administration of the Estate in the collection and distribution of the assets in the administration are typically 3% of the entire value of the Estate plus our hourly rate, depending on the size of the Estate. Please be advised that the hourly rates of our Partners, solicitors, and paralegals who work on your case can range between £120.00 + VAT and £300.00 + VAT.

Kindly ensure that these figures are simply estimates and are subject to the conditions outlined and AGREED upon in our Client Care Letter, which will be sent following receipt of your instructions.

There will be consideration given to the following factors when determining the cost of the matter:

⦁ Whether or not the deceased died with a Will;
⦁ Whether the Will is being challenged;
⦁ The number of beneficiaries named in the Testament
⦁ Whether there are disagreements among the beneficiaries;
⦁ Whether any intangible assets exist;
⦁ Whether Inheritance Tax is applies to the situation;
⦁ The number of assets, their complexity, and whether or not they are located in the United
⦁ Bank accounts are limited to a maximum of two bank or building society accounts;
⦁ Whether any allegations have been brought against the Estate;
⦁ Whether there are investments in shares;
⦁ Any reliefs being claimed etc.
⦁ Application for probate or letters of administration;
⦁ The formula for calculating the Inheritance Tax;
⦁ Communication with HMRC and the Probate Court;
⦁ Administration of the estate following probate or letters of administration
⦁ Distribution of the Estate upon its liquidation.
⦁ We manage the disbursement payments on your part.
⦁ The projected expenditures that may apply to your case (which are subject to changes)

Probate application fee

Swearing of the oath

Bankruptcy search charges

Post in the gazette


Please see the HMTCS website-“court fees”


£2 per application


Please see the HMTCS website-“court fees”

Time frame involved:

Kindly be informed that it would be impractical to give you an estimated time because it would rely on your specific circumstances. Yet, we will be ready to provide constant updates on the durations throughout each administrative process.

1. Pre grant of probate/letters of administration

⦁ Receiving preliminary instructions;
⦁ Consideration of Estate-related paperwork;
⦁ Advise you on your responsibilities as executor/administrator;
⦁ Dealing with third parties regarding the assets, such as banks, corporations, etc.;
⦁ Drafting the executor/administrator oath; and
⦁ Filing the executor/administrator oath with the probate registry and acquiring the grant of probate/letters of administration.

2. Post grant of probate/letters of administration:

⦁ Communicating with you on the closure of the account ;
⦁ Paying any debts;
⦁ Paying testamentary or intestate bequests (if appropriate);
⦁ Preparation and submission of a statutory notification to creditors (where applicable);
⦁ Creating comprehensive estate accounts for your confirmation;
⦁ Communicating with the heirs and making interim and/or final disbursements from the estate;
⦁ Consultation with you throughout;
⦁ Paying third-party expenditures associated with your case, such as probate fees;
⦁ We manage the disbursement payments on your behalf.