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Hire The Best Solicitors In England And Wales

When you have a legal problem, its crucial to have a seasoned defense attorney on your side. Solicitors and lawyers know the laws and court proceedings, so they are consistently in a good position to represent you and make sure that the case goes as far as potentially in your favor.
So, how do you discover and hire the best lawyer for your defense?
If you are being accused of a crime, whether its a slight civil offense or a substantial felony, you will need an experienced defense attorney to mitigate serious consequences.

Qazi & Co Solicitors limited – MEET YOUR SOLICITORS!

Hasan Sazdili - Solicitor

Hasan is a person who puts forth a lot of effort and is well-organised. While on the job, he has amassed sufficient experience and knowledge in a number of legal specialisations to be considered fully competent in those areas. He has gained enough experience and expertise in dealing with various areas of law during his employment.
After earning a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from London South Bank University in 2010, he finished the College of Laws Legal Practice Course the following year. Since graduation, he has been practicing law and assisting clients on various matters including personal injury, immigration law, litigation, and commercial leases, as well as asylum and human rights, family reunion, EEA applications, and judicial review.

Selvarajah Manogram - Solicitor

Selvarajah has been a solicitor since 1992. During his employment, he has had extensive experience in various areas of law, in particular, he has extensive experience in dealing with immigration matters. He is a kind, professional, intelligent and well-respected solicitor. He is highly experienced in various areas of law. With more than a decade of practice under his belt, Mr.Manogram is an innovative, experienced, and proactive Solicitor in the area of Immigration Law. He is remarkably driven, confident, and well organised with excellent commercial acumen, dedicated to delivering successful results in client-orientated environments. He worked for different legal practices before joining Qazi and Co Solicitors limited.

Anwar Qazi - Solicitor

Anwar has worked as a solicitor for several different law firms during the course of his career. He has extensive experience in Housing, Immigration, Family Law, Personal Injury, Litigation, and Company Law matters from his time spent at other law firms before establishing Qazi and Co Solicitors limited. He has represented clients in both the County and High Courts. He has handled a vast number of cases in different areas of law. He is a hardworking, dedicated, well-organized, knowledgeable, and focused person. Dari, Pashto, Hindi, and Urdu are just a few of the other languages he can communicate effectively in. If you have any linguistic difficulties, you can talk to Mr. Qazi in the above languages.

Mujeeb Rehman - Solicitor

Mujeeb received his LLB (Hons) in law at the University of Hertfordshire and then completed his LPC at the University of Herefordshire. He has substantial knowledge and expertise in a variety of legal fields, such as Crime, Motor Vehicle Offenses, Housing, Welfare Benefits, Litigation, and Family law. Before joining Qazi and Co Solicitors Limited as a Consultant, he practiced for several other law firms. Mr. Rehman is proficient in Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi. He loves hitting the gym and socializing with his pals during his free time

If you are happy with the solicitor, you are welcome to discuss the case details with us. We will listen closely to your side of the story and determine the most effective strategy for managing the issue.