Services Approximate Cost
Naturalisation / Registration as a British citizen £1000 - £1500
Extension of Spouse Visa £700 - £1200
Entry Clearance - Spouse, partners, fiancé(e)s or proposed civil partners £1800 - £2200
Visitor’s Visa £600 - £800
Indefinite Leave/Long residence £2500 - £3000
Leave outside Immigration rule - DISCRETIONARY £2000- £2500
Immigration Appeal – FTT £3500-£5000
Bail Applications £1200 - £2000
Judicial Reviews £2500 - £5000
Points Based System applications (in-country or from abroad) Tier 1: £3,000 – £9,000
Tier 2: £3000 – £5000
Tier 4: £1000 – £2,500
Applications on behalf EEA nationals and their family members £800-£1000
Permission to Appeal £1500 - £2000
Private Life/Family Route/Humanitarian Applications £2500 - £4000
BRP/TOL/TD112 £400- £500
Windrush Applications- claimant, dependents and estate of affected claimants £1500 - £1800
EU Settlement schemes £1000-£2000
Pre-settlement £800-£1000
Out of country Passport Application- advice and application £700 -£900
Switching into another category visa application/LTR £3000 - £4000
Section 120/ Human Rights representation £2500- £3500
Asylum/ further submission £3,000 to £5,000.00
In most cases, once we have assessed your case and determined that you are qualified to apply, we will agree on a Fixed Fee for our services. In difficult circumstances, we may also charge an hourly cost, which would be capped at £250 plus VAT per hour. VAT will be applied to the fees shown below for both domestic and international applications. VAT will be calculated in accordance with HMRCs VAT regulations.
The fees listed hereunder do not include Home Office fees or additional outlays.

The projected expenditures applicable to your case:

These are fees owed to third parties in connection with your dispute, which may vary based on the method of action pursued on your behalf. Typically, we manage the processing of your disbursements to facilitate a more efficient process.

Disbursements VAT Applicable
Home Office immigration and nationality fees: 29 March 2019 – Various depending on the type of application and where the application is made. Please see the Home Office Fees by clicking on the link below: Non-Vatable
Postage fees – various Vatable
Interpreter fees – various Vatable
Medical Report Fees - various Vatable