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General Fees Guidelines:

Fixed Fee Matters — our objective is to give you and your family high-quality service for a reasonable cost.

On Hourly Rate: Please see below our charges :-


Grade A Solicitor
Over 8 Years Experience

Grade B Solicitor
with Over 4 years experience

Solicitor under 4
Years Experience



£300 + VAT

£250.00 + VAT

£200 + VAT

£120 + VAT


Usually, the estimated expenditures include the expense of retaining a barrister and expert witnesses. Before you hire a barrister or specialist on your part, we will offer an estimate of their fees based on their level of expertise.

Recoupment of your legal expenses

We may be able to collect a part of your legal fees and disbursements if the Crown decides to drop the charges against you or if you are proven not convicted after a trial.